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Workplace injuries are not limited to those experienced by construction and factory workers. Workplace accidents and injuries can occur anywhere – and in any work environment. If you have been injured while you are working you may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation against your employer. In some instances, you might even be able to bring a claim against a third-party, such as the manufacturer of defective workplace equipment, following an accident.

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Common Types of Workplace Injuries

When workers suffer serious injuries while they are on the job, they may require medical treatment and physical therapy, which can keep them out of work for weeks – and sometimes even months – at a time. Workers can lose income and suffer significant physical pain as a result of an unexpected work injury.

The specific injuries that an individual might suffer due to a work-related accident depend largely upon the worker’s specific job, as well as the type of accident in which the worker suffers his or her injury. The types of injuries that an industrial worker might suffer, for example, will likely be different from those that a worker in an office setting might suffer. Some common types of work-related accidents and injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents that occur when a worker is driving within the scope of his or her employment
  • Slip and fall accidents that occur on the employer’s premises
  • Crush injuries that occur when an individual works around fast or heavy equipment
  • Injuries that occur when a piece of machinery or other equipment unexpectedly malfunctions
  • Accidents that occur because of poor worksite maintenance
  • Accidents involving defective equipment at a job site, such as defective ladders or scaffolding, for example
Standard for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

In order for an injured worker in the State of Missouri to be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim, he or she must ordinarily meet several requirements. First, the injured worker must be an employee instead of an independent contractor. If the worker was an independent contractor at the time of injury, he or she will not be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Moreover, in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, the worker must have suffered his or her injury while working on the job and while working within the scope of employment.

Types of Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you suffered one or more injuries or illnesses while you were working at your job, then you might be eligible to make a claim for benefits. The types of benefits for which you may be eligible depend largely upon your individual circumstances. In terms of available benefits in a workers’ compensation case, the worker may be eligible to pursue:

  • Payment of all related medical procedures and treatment, including surgical bills and physical therapy costs
  • A portion of the worker’s lost wages for the time he or she missed from work due to workplace injuries or illness
  • Permanency benefits, in cases where a health care provider has determined that the worker suffered a permanent injury in his or her accident
  • Vocational rehabilitation training, in cases where the worker is not able to return to his or her occupation because of injuries suffered in a workplace accident


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