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  • December 10, 2018
$975,000 Settlement

$975,000.00 SETTLEMENT


December 2004

Caption: Brian Lambright v. JMJ Projects, Inc., et al.

Court: Circuit Court of Buchanan County, Missouri

Case Number/Date: 03CV77217

Special Damages: $224,486.00 past medical expenses

Injuries: left sacral fracture, left and right calcaneal fractures, right tibial/fibial fracture, right ulnar fracture

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: James Montee, The Montee Law Firm, P.C.,

A $975,000.00 settlement has been reached by Brian Lambright with Defendants Michael Hackman and JMJ Projects for injuries suffered by Mr. Lambright due to an accident involving his vehicle, a vehicle operated by Michael Hackman and a semi tractor owned and operated by JMJ Projects, Inc.

On November 3, 2003, Mr. Lambright was traveling northbound on Interstate 29 in Platte County, Missouri. Mr. Hackman and the semi truck owned by JMJ were traveling southbound on Interstate 29. Mr. Hackman was passing the semi when it began a lane change. Mr. Hackman claimed that his vehicle was forced to the shoulder where he lost control, crossed the median and struck Mr. Lambright’s vehicle.

As a result of the accident Mr. Lambright suffered a left sacral fracture, left and right calcaneal fractures, right tibial/fibial fracture and right ulnar fracture. He was required to undergo five separate orthopedic surgeries, including placement of hardware in his right ankle, leg and arm. Mr. Lambright was also forced to endure several months of painful rehabilitation.

At mediation a settlement was reached under which Mr. Hackman’s insurance carrier agreed to pay its $50,000.00 policy limit and JMJ Projects agreed to pay $925,000.00.

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