$12.25 Million Settlement


February 2008

Caption: Theo Jeurissen et al. v. Triumph Foods et al.

Court: Buchanan County Circuit Court

Injuries: Plaintiff Fisher was killed in accident Plaintiff Jeurissen suffered back injuries and crushed pelvis Plaintiff Younger sustained a traumatic brain injury Remaining Plaintiffs’ injuries range from a fractured leg to burns.

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: James Montee, The Montee Law Firm, P.C., for Plaintiffs Theo Jeurissen, Raymond Finley, Mel Robinett, Cody Holmes, Darren Handke, Jamie Gilpin, David Becker, Mike Stone, Martin Verdonky, Joop Boltjes, Brad Parkhurst, Mike Maxwell, Tim Griese and Richard Button. Denise Henning for Plaintiff Melinda Fisher. Mark Hutton for Plaintiff Brad Smith. Joseph Morrey for Plaintiff Terry Younger.

The largest personal injury settlement in the history of Buchanan County, Missouri has been reached by James Montee of the Montee Law Firm, P.C., and other attorneys representing twenty workers injured in an explosion at the Triumph Foods plant. The $12,250,000.00 settlement resolves all personal injury lawsuits related to an explosion occurring on October 12, 2005, during the construction of the Triumph Foods plant in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The explosion occurred when a worker lit a torch after a gas valve was left uncapped, allowing unscented gas to escape into the building.

After extensive discovery, four defendants, Epstein and Sons, a Chicago-based construction company, IHP Industrial, a St. Joseph based plumbing company, Missouri Gas Energy and Triumph Foods agreed at mediation to pay a combined $12,250,000.00 to settle all plaintiff’s personal injury claims.