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Sustaining an injury is never easy. Even if it isn’t life threatening, an injury can leave long-lasting physically, emotional, and psychological damage on a victim. At Montee Law Firm, P.C., we are whole-heartedly dedicated to getting victims of avoidable accidents the financial compensation they deserve. We believe that people should be held responsible for their actions – if a careless driver causes an accident because he was texting behind the wheel and you are hurt, you may be entitled to money. When a doctor fails to perform a necessary caesarian section on time and the baby is injured as a result, the baby’s family has the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. At the firm, we have more than 100 years of combined legal experience and are ready to put our expertise to good use in any personal injury battle you face.

Since our beginning in 1996, we have recovered more than $250 million in jury verdicts and insurance settlements for our clients. It doesn’t matter what kind of injury you have sustained; if you believe that another person’s carelessness or negligence is responsible for your damages you may be entitled to money. If you have been hurt and don’t know where to turn, come to the firm that will represent you in court with enthusiasm and aggression. We understand that your life is busy; you have other things to do than fight an injury case. That’s why our lawyers are available in the evening. If it is more convenient for you, don’t worry about coming to our office – we make house and hospital calls, too. The sooner you fill out a case evaluation form, the fast we can begin assembling an aggressive strategy for your case.


Whether you know it or not, personal injury claims can be filed after a multitude of accidents. One of the most common accidents in the United States is car accidents. Every year, thousands of these accidents are caused by drivers who try to text and drive at the same time. At the firm, we believe that careless and negligent individuals should be held responsible for their actions. Have you been injured because a doctor made a mistake? A medical malpractice lawsuit may be appropriate. Did you suffer a dog bite you because the owner failed to warn you it was dangerous? You may be entitled to money for your injury. You may be entitled to money if you or a loved one has been injured in any of these situations:

  • A doctor made a prescription error and you suffered injury or illness as a result
  • You slipped and fell because a property owner failed to warn you of dangerous conditions
  • An assisted living care provider failed to give your loved one proper care in an nursing home
  • A careless doctor hurt you or your infant during labor or delivery


When filing a personal injury claim, the severity of the injury may determine certain aspects or outcomes of the case.Catastrophic injuries are especially devastating. A catastrophic burn injury may be one of the most painful types of personal injuries, and victims may suffer enduring physical, emotional, and psychological damage. Similarly, spinal cord injuries may leave victims partially or completely paralyzed. A serious brain injury may be categorized as “catastrophic” as well. If you have suffer any type of severe injury and believe that someone else is responsible, we urge you to contact an attorney from our firm so we can stand up and fight for your legal rights in court.


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