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June 2006

Caption: Lisa Gilson v. George Marnin and American International South Insurance Company

Court: Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri

Case Number: 0516CV21770

Mediator: William Sanders, Jr.

Plaintiff’s Experts: Dr. James Stuckmeyer (orthopedics), R.S. McKinzie (accident reconstruction)

Special Damages: $165,000.00 medical expenses

Insurance Carrier: Auto-Owners Insurance, American International South Insurance Company

Plaintiff’s Attorneys: James Montee, The Montee Law Firm, P.C.

On May 8, 2005, Lisa Gilson was struck head-on by George Marnin. Mr. Marnin originally claimed that he encountered a phantom vehicle and was forced to swerve into Ms. Gilson’s lane. Mr. Marnin also claimed to be traveling less than 40 miles per hour when he hit Ms. Gilson’s vehicle. After recovering “black box” data from Mr. Marnin’s vehicle, it was determined that he was traveling 81 miles per hour four seconds before impact.

Ms. Gilson suffered multiple fractures to both legs and was required to undergo extensive surgical procedures involving the use of internal fixation. A college sophomore at the time of the accident, Ms. Gilson missed a semester of school due to her injuries and was forced to change her career plans to accommodate her permanent physical limitations.

Ms. Gilson filed suit against Mr. Marnin, along with an uninsured motorist claim against her own carrier, American International South Insurance, based on Mr. Marnin’s phantom vehicle claim.

After Ms. Evans filed suit, the case was resolved at a mediation for $900,000.00. Mr. Marnin’s carrier paid $850,000.00, and Ms. Gilson’s carrier paid $50,000.00 on her uninsured motorist claim.

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